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The B Well Coalition supports the leadership of organisations in creating mental healthy workplaces.

“I am delighted to be Co-Chair of the B Well Initiative. In the ever increasing complex environment we live, work and play in today; mental health and wellbeing is key to creating an engaged and productive society.

The B Well initiative brings together a group of likeminded organisations and leaders to share insights, knowledge and collaborate on mental health and wellbeing outcomes that can unlock a workforces’ true potential and create a safer and more inclusive environment for everyone.

As part of the coalition I look forward to supporting the creation of meaningful resources and build on the excellent work done to date so that all leaders can be equipped with the tools to create an environment that has a positive impact on the mental health of their organisations.”



1 in 5

Australian workers currently experience a mental health condition.

State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia. Melbourne: Beyond Blue.

Australian businesses lose over


each year by failing to provide early intervention/treatment for employees with mental health conditions.

Mental Health Fact Sheet: Mental Health and Employment, MHCA

On average, an ROI of


can be expected on every dollar invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace.

(Creating a mentally healthy workplace: Return on investment analysis. Melbourne: Beyond Blue.)


The Coalition is a network of CEOs and delegates across Asia-Pacific fostering better mental wellbeing within their organisations. The Coalition provides a community of leadership, data, and resources to support their efforts.

The B Well Coalition is an initiative of The B Team Australasia.

The B Team Australasia is a regional organisation which brings together committed business leaders across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia to collectively drive progress towards a better way of doing business by enhancing their people and the planet.


Priority 1 · Community of Leadership

Building a member network of CEOs and delegates to connect, collaborate, and share around organisational mental wellbeing.

Core events
Bi-yearly CEO Gatherings
· Quarterly Delegate Roundtables

Priority 2 · Data and insights

Helping member organisations build a base of mental wellbeing data and insight.

Flagship initiative
Our State of Mind · Australasia’s Workplace Wellbeing Census

Priority 3 · Resources and tools

Supporting member organisations by gathering and centralising myriad mental wellbeing tools and resources.

Flagship initiative
Australasia’s largest digital repository of initiatives, tools, and resources for member organisations.

The Coalition

(so far)

Bronze Phoenix
Light Warrior
Ramsey Health Care
Resolution Capital
Schneider Electric
The Adecco Group

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